What to Know About Giving Nutritional Horse Supplements?

There are many nutritional supplements available for horses on the market. But you need to screen the ingredients and benefits of the supplement before you start incorporating them into the diet. There are supplements that are beneficial for certain conditions and the type of the supplement will depend on the work that your horse does as well.

Horses can have joint problems when they age as the joints will become weak due to heavy work or injury. There could be inflammation in the cartilage causing discomfort to the animal and it can affect their bones considerably. Osteoarthritis is not only common in humans. Horses can suffer from this condition as well. They will have constant joint pain and the horse may need to retire early as a result. There are certain horse joint supplements or dietary supplements that you can use to make a positive impact on their joint health. These supplements will be able to increase the capacity of cells to synthesize collagen, reduce oxidative stress and help manage pain.

Providing supplements that are aimed at better nutrition can be very beneficial to the health of the horse. You need to have the veterinarian check the horse’s physical condition and monitor their diet regularly to get an idea of their health. The veterinarian will be able to recommend supplements based on certain nutritional requirements or deficits of the horse. However, you need to be careful with providing supplements as overdoing it can be detrimental. When the horse receives too many supplements, it will have an excess of nutrients in its body which is not ideal. A high level of a certain nutrient can cause issues. For example, if the horse has a high level of vitamin E, it can contribute to a vitamin A deficiency as it lowers the beta carotene levels.

The extra nutrients when passed through faces can affect the environment negatively as well. If you start on a nutritional supplement regimen for your horse and you don’t see any change, you will need to critically assess whether the supplement carries the ingredients listed on the package or if you have diagnosed the problem incorrectly leading to providing the wrong supplement.  You need to do thorough research when looking for a supplement to purchase and you need to check the certifications or approvals for the product to assure that the supplement is carrying the proper levels of the active ingredient.

You can check to see whether the brand or manufacturer is something that you recognize or have been previously recommended by the veterinarian. If you have a certain brand that you already use, it is best to stick to it for better results. Check whether the manufacture carries out clinical research for their supplements and whether these findings are published. The label of the product should carry all the information about ingredients that are in the product. You can check whether these ingredients are known for benefitting the conditions you are looking to treat or whether the product is making illegal claims.

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