Tips for Buying Workout Clothes

If you work out a lot, then you need to own several sets of great workout clothes. If you have been to the gym or gone jogging, then you know that regular t-shirts and pants are not suitable for handling the crazy movement and the excessive sweating. Workout clothes are not only for looking goof while at the gym. They serve a purpose in keeping you well covered and comfortable while you try to burn off extra calories. If you haven’t seriously thought about buying workout clothes before, here are several tips that will help:

Choose the Right Size

It’s very important that you choose Activewear tops and bottoms that are the right size for you. The perfect fitting clothes keep you comfortable, and don’t feel baggy or tight against skin. Wearing tight clothes during exercise can be risky, as you could get serious chafing wounds or not be able to breathe properly. Don’t buy workout clothes just because they look nice. Finding the perfect fit is extremely important. It’s recommended to go to a store and try out the items you buy. Otherwise, take measurements of your body and compare those to size charts online retailers provide. Don’t forgo this important aspect of buying workout clothes.

Buy Clothes that Can “Wick”

The wicking ability of workout clothes refers to the ability of the garment material to keep sweat off your skin. You don’t want the clothes you wear during workouts to absorb sweat. If the items do so, then may feel heavy against your skin, or very wet. It can be very uncomfortable wearing cotton pants and doing a sprint. You should buy workout clothes with a high percentage of synthetic material like Polyester or Lycra. These garment materials are known for their wicking ability.

Wear Clothes Suitable for the Activity

When buying workout clothes, always keep in mind what they are for. Think about your main exercise. If you are a jogger, then you need to buy activewear intended for running. If you are keen on weightlifting, choose appropriate apparel for the occasion. For example, long pants will be suitable for yoga, but not cycling. You can wear a baggy tank top when weightlifting, but not for other exercises like running. Runners and cyclists should wear short pants to avoid chafing and tangling. Likewise, think about the type of clothes that makes doing your favourite exercise comfortable and stick with those.

Layer According to the Season

Not all activewear is suitable for all seasons, especially if your workout or jog outdoors. Active wear should help your body control temperature so that you don’t feel too hot or too cold when working out. In the summer, a long sleeved top will not only make you uncomfortable, it will also make you hotter. In the winter, it’s very important to to wear the right amount of layers to avoid getting cold.

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Mind the Seams

The seams of the clothes you wear should never rub against skin. Pants are a big culprit, as the seams at the bottom can scrape of skin as you cycle, jog, or use the treadmill. So, pay attention to wear the seams are before buying.

Pay attention to the above tips and keep them in mind when shopping for activewear.

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