The essentials of a well packed gym bag

There are million and one different things that people put in their gym bags. Some over packed, some rather light on essentials – the combinations are vast and varied across the countries of the world. It can be a major inconvenience being stuck without what you wanted in the first place, but it can also be very annoying to have to look through several items in your bag before finding what it was that you were after in the first place. So, even if rushed, give what you are going to put in that bag some good thought – and act from there.

The bag itself

While it doesn’t have to be from a major sporting brand name, it should be durable and not break easily. It should have enough straps to sling onto your back, over your shoulder or just around your arm when needed to be your premium. If it has zipped compartments, sometimes the more the better. So then you can actually begin to compartmentalise what you want to put where. Hopefully, too, it will have a waterproof section for you to put your soggy towels and swimsuit or swim cap in when needed. If it is durable enough, it should be able to withstand being accidentally jammed in a car door or gym locker latch now and then. The bottom of the bag should not be easily torn, if your vehicle keys rip into it oh so slightly. Also, the colour is important – match it to your clothing scheme, or not at all, if that’s not actually important to you after all.


A good pair of trainers or even two pairs are key to a well packed gym bag. You might just not be feeling it with one particular set of shoes on the day, and will want to try the alternatives. In this case, you want to have that second option at hand. Ensure you laces are tightly tied so they don’t trip you up – literally and figuratively – during the sweat of a good work out. They should have good breathability too. Sometimes the smell of shoes can get dank and ugly – don’t let that happen to you. And, of course, a regular change of socks is always needed, so keep a handful of pairs in your bag to make your next workout experience all the more pleasant for you and those around you during that crucial time.

Bits and pieces

From deodorant, to a towel, to whatever music playing machine you listen to for your workout soundtrack – these are just some of the things to be kept at the ready in your bag. If you are going o groom yourself after your workout, too, then things like hairbrushes, razors, soap, a spare pare of underwear and – in some cases – a whole new outfit will be among your greater needs too. So, go through these elements, and when packing that bag, be generous but balanced with what you are going to stick in it. You will need it to work for you.


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