How to Style Yourself for Race Events

Going to watch a race is no less than going to watch a fashion show, this is due to the many varieties of outfits you get to see. It is necessary to dress smart but it is also necessary to have a little bit of fun with your outfit. So if you have any plans on attending a race anytime soon, then make sure to go all out and dress to impress. But if you are having some doubts and are plucking your eyebrows out trying to figure out what to wear then read on.


If you have attended a racing event before then you will know the importance of wearing the proper racing hats, but of course, in the universe of race events, they are called fascinators or cocktail hats. Fascinators were used as ways of letting people know a lady’s status and of course her fashion sense. What many are not aware of is that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the fascinators.

A few of the things to consider are a proper hairstyle, because you do not want to spend hours on your hair and then realize that your fascinator will not stay on. Other things include the shape of your face, for example, if you have a large forehead then you best go for a fascinator that covers your forehead and it is also necessary to pick one that goes with the symmetry of your face. Next two things to consider is which side of the face you want the fascinator to be on and how big you want it to be, it is necessary to pick a size that you are comfortable with and can handle on your head.


Now, this is a tricky piece of clothing, which you need to be well aware of when planning to add it to your outfit. When picking out a scarf you need to make sure it is of proper size and the colour or pattern you have chosen co-ordinates or complements the rest of the outfit. Even if you find the perfect scarf, you need to know the proper way to tie it around your neck. Therefore looking up the proper way to tie it before hand is a must!


What to Wear

To watch a racing event it has been well established thus far that you need to dress formally, therefore you can consider wearing plain vibrant dresses, or pastel coloured dresses, when picking out dresses it is necessary to make sure that you pick out one that does not have a big skirt that resembles a ball gown, but rather one that is simple and “flowy.” When choosing the colours and patterns of your outfit, feel free to choose any vibrant or pastel coloured dress, jumpsuit or skirt, but remember to avoid any green and brown as it can result in you camouflaging with the racecourse.

If you keep these details in mind, you should be able to wear your outfit with confidence and enjoy your time at the races!



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