How to Nail Cold Calling – A Lesson from Nick Bell

Most entrepreneurs find cold calling to be a tedious and nerve-wrecking task. Come on, nobody wants to call up random people and sell things. Weirdly enough, some people such as Nick Bell actually do have great potential for cold calling. Nick Bell used his cold calling tricks to develop his million dollar digital marketing company – WME. The company currently employs 157 people in Australia, 439 in overseas and has revenue of $46 million. Bell states that in order to master cold calling you need to accept rejection. Since he was always polite to people, he was able to learn the technique easily.
The Prodigy
After giving up on university education, Bell started working odds jobs. Bell’s early career in recruitment helped him in the future quite a lot. During this time, he learned to understand people and accepted rejection in a healthy way. He then went on to start a skincare business, which eventually led to failure in 2010.

The Ratio
Bell states that starting Web Marketing Experts was a simple task. He never had to do anything new since he just had to improve what was already there. Yes, not all the 100 calls he made were successful. Out of the 100, 70-80 of them failed. But he was able to convince 10 people or so and out of those individuals, he was definitely able to crack at least two or three clients.

The Voice
According to the Bell, if you want to get through to the right people in an office, you need to do your LinkedIn research. If the individual does not hang up the phone in the first five seconds, you know that they are interested. Bell also states that when it comes to phone sales, nothing is more important than your voice. If you want to build a good reputation easily, people need to trust your voice. Once they trust your voice, they will buy your products without any hesitation.
The Rules
Always add value to what is important. Bell’s company recently created a separate team for cold calling. Give importance to the tasks that require more attention. Improve your standards as you go. Do not think about making the quick buck. You need to be concerned about the long game. Bell always customizes the brand when he expands the business to a new country. In the same way, make sure to take the international market into consideration. Furthermore, focus on the company structure. Bell does not prefer to publicly list his company since prefers to have complete autonomy over his organization.


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